GUMCAD Version 1.2

GUMCAD is a graphical editor for the construction, drawing and analysis of measurement processes diagrams. The editor can validate and analyze the diagrams, derive a process equation and find a measurement equation (function).

GUMCAD supports a graphical modeling method where the cause-and-effect relations are shown in a diagram. This kind of modeling technique is used in system theory and control science for decades and is a standard method there. Only a few standard graphical elements are needed to construct functional groups and cause-and-effect chains. With these groups and chains real sources, real transfer devices and real indication devices can be modeled.

Starting from the sources or causes, a graph is constructed which shows how the signals are processed during the measurement process from the source to the indication. It can be explicitly modeled how and where a specific quantity is influencing the measurement process.

Screen views

A full functional version of GUMCAD can be used free of charge. The setup program and a desription is available in the Download Section.

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