Using GUM Workbench under Linux and Mac OS

GUM Workbench may be used on systems with an x86 compatible CPU.

For installation and use the API extension wine (www.winehq.org) need to be installed.

GUM Workbench Version 1.4 and 2.4 are compatible with wine Version 0.9 and higher.

For Linux, use the wine package available for your linux distribution.

For Mac OS X, users might use WineBottler or PlayOnMac to install and run GUM Workbench.

For professional use, the commercial package Crossover might be used which offers very good system integration including RTF clipboard transfer. It is available for Linux and Mac OS X.

The installation of GUM Workbench is done with wine using the standard Setup.exe provided for Windows.

For the use of GUM Workbench together with wine special optimizations can be activated by providing the command line option /wine=1 to Setup.exe.

The operation of GUM Workbench under Linux und Mac OS is experimental and is not officially supported. But you can still contact the product support (support(at)metrodata.de) in case you face problems during installation or usage. We will try to help you.

*PDF version of this page.

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